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    With 20 years of regulatory compliance experience, AssenTerra is YOUR end-to-end regulatory compliance partner.

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    Working with businesses small and large, we can help you achieve your compliance objectives seamlessly.

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    As regulatory requirements increase and the cost of compliance continues to rise, AssenTerra will be there to meet your business needs.

Our Mission

AssenTerra is committed to being your end-to-end regulatory compliance partner by offering responsive and customized regulatory compliance consulting services that are cost efficient for your business.

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Our Vision

At AssenTerra our vision is to provide a high-quality professional regulatory compliance service for your business that supplements your support team.

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Our Process

AssenTerra provides end-to-end regulatory compliance following a prescribed stepwise process. We can move slowly or quickly through this process depending on your pace, your needs, and your risks.

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EPA News & Updates

Agency:  Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Topic: National Enforcement Initiatives (NEI) for FY2017-2019
Date Posted:  09/15/2015 (FR#:  2015-23056)
Action:  Solicitation for Public Comment – ended 10/14/2015

EPA requested public comments regarding which of the FY14-16 initiatives should be extended, refined, or concluded.  The current initiatives include:

  • air pollution reduction from the largest sources
  • cutting toxic air pollution (HAPs)
  • assuring energy extraction & production comply with environmental laws
  • reducing pollution from mineral processing operations (mining)
  • keeping raw sewage & contaminated stormwater out of waterways
  • preventing animal waste contamination of surface & ground water

NEI’s under consideration by EPA for FY17-19 include:

  • protecting communities from exposure to toxic air emissions
  • keeping industrial pollutants out of waterways
  • reducing the risks & impacts of industrial accidents & releases
Importance to YOUR Business:

EPA will focus their federal resources on these environmental problems where noncompliance is significant and where federal enforcement attention can make a difference.  These initiatives will be pushed down from EPA to the FDEP who is delegated authority for air permitting and industrial wastewater permitting.  If your facility has an air permit with HAP emissions or an industrial NPDES permit, expect to see an increase in compliance oversight from FDEP.

For more information, goto:  www.regulations.gov & search by the FR #.

OSHA News & Updates

Agency:  Occupational safety and health administration (OSHA)
Topic:  National Emphasis Program (NEP) on Aputations
Effective Date:  08/13/2015 (3-yr directive)
Action:  OSHA directive targeting specific industry sectors where machine and equipment hazards are likely causing amputations (Directive #:  CPL 03-00-019)

OSHA is implementing an NEP to identify and reduce workplace machine and equipment hazards which are causing or likely to cause amputations.  OSHA defines amputation as a traumatic loss of limb or other external body part, either complete or partially severed, including fingertips (with or without bone loss), medical amputations, or amputations that have since been reattached.  It does not include avulsions, enucleations, deglovings, scalping, severed ears, or broken/chipped teeth.

This directive is focused on the NAICS Sector 31-33, Manufacturing and five OSHA standards that are generally recognized as being related to amputation hazards (29 CFR 1910.147, .212, .213, .217, and .219).  Each regional or area office will implement an outreach program, select businesses to target, conduct scheduled inspections, and coordinate with the national OSHA office.

Importance To YOUR Business:

If at your facility you have equipment that has the potential to cause an amputation (e.g. conveyors, grinders, mixers, blenders, presses, etc), a review of this machinery is recommended.  Review your procedure for the machinery during normal operations, start-up/shutdown, malfunctions, operational adjustments, scheduled and unscheduled repairs, and cleaning.  Check your machinery LOTO procedure; ensure employees are trained and the training is being followed.

For more information, goto:  www.osha.gov & search by the Directive #.

Our Expertise

AssenTerra is a full-service consulting company offering end-to-end regulatory compliance services.  Our partnership services are separated into divisions:  Consumer Collections Industry Compliance, EHS Regulatory Compliance, and Legislative Rulemaking Initiatives.  Key specialities include:

  • FDCPA/TCPA Communication Policy & Training Manual Development
  • FDCPA Process Assessment & Gap Analysis
  • Vendor Audit Preparation & Response Letters
  • Compliance Officer Partner Services
  • Impact Assessment for Regulatory Rulemaking Initiatives, Court Interpretations, or Legislative Initiatives
  • Strategic Planning for Regulatory Initiatives
  • Auditing Services
  • EHS Permitting Services